you know, I didn’t know somebody can be THIS jealous.

Before I met Rob and Kristen, I always felt a little jealous of other people when they met them but I was always so so happy for them and I would NEVER EVER make a hating post because someone met RK and I didn’t.

I mean, what kind of person does that?

Just because I wasn’t crying on the picture? Are you crazy?

Do you know how hard I worked because I wanted to meet Rob and Kristen?

And I cried so hard after I met them, you can’t even imagine. It was the best week of my life, I tried everything in my power to make it happen and you have NO right to say that I don’t appreciate it because nobody does it more than I do.

And I can’t even believe it almost has 200 notes. People are really that rude?

It fucking hurts. Really.

You know nothing about me and you’re still judging.

"you absolutely despise me and you don’t even know me." - Kristen Stewart

This is exactly how I feel.

And days like this I fucking regret I decided to post things on tumblr. Or post my pictures on Tumblr. I should have kept it myself because it looks like people can’t be happy for me.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t really have money to eat anymore because I spent all my money on that trip. I was so happy. I AM so happy. I wanted people to be happy for me too. I really did. And I don’t regret. Because people like you can’t make me regret going. But I regret posting it, talking about it and everything. I thought people on tumblr are nice. Well, I can see now that I was wrong. There are so many people who think they’re better than everybody else and they’re good when the reality is…you’re worse. Because normal people - good people - would NEVER do something like this. N-E-V-E-R.

But you’re not normal. You’re not good.

You’re a crazy bitch wou thinks she’s better than anybody else.

And all those people who reblogged and liked that post. They are too.

And I hate myself because I’m crying over something like this.

But I can’t help it. I have never thought I’d say this. But I HATE you. Like…with everything in me. I hate you.

(x) - “why isn’t that bitch crying? that girl doesn’t give value for the things she has” - thanks to Cath!

  1. evanandtaissas said: i hope you’re ok<3
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    I’m so sorry you got hate for just posting those photos. Like really, since when was it a rule/must to cry when you meet...
  3. jfbs90 said: Just ignore they’re idiots!
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    Can I kill them? Sometimes I think that Tumblr need age restrict then 13yo jealous bitches like that girl cannot post...
  5. flawlesstew said: people are assholes who are jealous and have no right to put you down. you are a beautiful and kind hearted human being, and you are such a dedicated fan. you deserved to meet them, and to meet them again in the future too. <3
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  8. suchakrisbian said: don’t be upset about that kind of people. they don’t deserve your attention.
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  10. robstenwhore said: Why do you even give a shit about them? Lots of people don’t cry in pics they took with Rob and Kristen, so? Haters gonna hate baby, ignore them even if it’s hard. They don’t deserve your tears.
  11. smilingkristen said: I’m ready to kill you know. Whoever posted that aaljsdkq, I can’t even. Nobody hurts my baby! I freaking know how happy you were, cause I witnissed it myself!
  12. robstenaddicted said: you’ve met theM??????:O OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! JVSDJHDVHJDVHJDVBHJDVJDVSHJDSV CSHD lucky you <3
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