you guys have half informations from God knows who and instead of looking it up - so you would know that Rob was having dinner with JOHN AND KATY - you just believe shit that you heard from this and that and maybe even tabloids. Like, really?  

It kinda pisses me off.

Like you do realize that Kristen and Katy and Rob are friends. Nothing more. Rob’s not gonna fuck Katy at the restaurant while her boyfriend is there and also, Kristen won’t go lesbian for Katy. Because she doesn’t want to say that she kissed a girl and she liked it. 

And tbqh I see NOTHING wrong with Rob having dinner with friends, I bet they weren’t talking about having a threesome…but who knows since Katy is SO in love with Rob, at least that’s what Hollywood Life says, right? 

And you really should have known by now that take it with a grain of salt. 

But yeah, from now on while this drama is going on I’m gonna come onto Tumblr when we have new pics, I’ll reblog it and I’m gone. 

But probably nobody really cares but I thought I’d let you know

I used to love being on tumblr but right now? Not so much. 

Just please, please, PLEASE, before you start the drama here too we get enough on twitter but recently I find less drama on twitter than here lol just look at the sightings that are actually legit and not like the nonnie shit and everything. 

And before you come as anons saying shit to me in my ask box, please don’t even bother, I just don’t care anymore. If you can’t be nice, I’ll just delete it. I’m so done with people right now

Can’t we just reblog nice pics and gifs, be happy about new projects for Kristen, wait for The Rover promo, fangirl about them sharing stuff and just be…I don’t know, normal?  

Can we do that, please? 

*Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect at The Riff-Off*

I’m out.

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